Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 2 Online

Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 2 Online Good Bye! Tonight, a character will bid farewell to Gotham and this will not be the only twist. Indeed, in Episode 2, “Knock Knock” season 2 of the series of Batman prequel, we learn that one of the important members of the cast will die. This surprising announcement questions us about the identity of the victim. In view of the first images of this episode, we can think that this will be one of the villains. It must be said that the good characters are so in minority it would be difficult to sacrifice. So we think Sal Maroni or Carmine Falcone, which would be superfluous in this “Rise of The Villains”, would make perfect victims. Unless screenwriters surprise us by separating the Joker or Selina, who could better return thereafter. Answer tonight!

This is not the only information we get on “Knock Knock” since we witness a confrontation between Lucius Fox and Alfred about their differing plans for the future of Bruce Wayne. Finally, we will also have a happy event, as we learn that the pregnancy of actress Morena Baccarin (couple on screen and to the city with Ben McKenzie) would be integrated into the story. Thus, James Gordon and Leslie Thompkins will soon be parents. Quite a change in the daily detective who will soon have to face a new opponent. More than a few hours to wait to find out, on FOX, the identity of the dead! What do you see in this new episode?

Gotham Season 2-A new promo with all the wicked

Watch Gotham Season 2 Online On 21 September, Fox will unveil its Season 2 Gotham series. Episodes that will honor many villains as you can discover the above in a new trailer focusing on the bad-guys. Obviously, the latter including the Joker, will lead a hard life to Commissioner Gordon!

Note also that the site Entertainment Weekly has published the first photo of Michael Chiklis Gotham in this new season. The actor, who will be a regular, appear for the first time in episode 4 in the role of Nathaniel Barnes, Captain of the Gotham Police.

Watch Gotham Season 2 Online

The new era began Gotham! The series of DC Comics seems she has passed up a gear as shown in this new promo video titled “Villains Rising” .Celle it shows us some wicked Jim Gordon, whose spoilers about his future were revealed, DPCG and friends will cross in the first episodes. The Riddler, Victor Zaasz, The Penguin, Tigress, and Valeska Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan crazy laughter, one imagines well become the famous Joker, will disturb the dark streets of the most dangerous city of the moment. This new round of episodes of Gotham, which has already unveiled two other specials, promises to action through a gallery of more stamped mafia villains of the first season! Apparently Gotham found a little of the spirit of the Batman comics.

With this promo video, FOX tries to bring back the fans of comics who dropped the series in his first season. Saion 1 as melty, we found quite shy and somewhat disappointing. The proliferation of iconic villains of the Batman Franchise and the beginning of the metamorphosis of Bruce Wayne will tempt many people to cast an eye back to the series. There is only hope that this trailer is not just empty promises and that new episodes of Gotham season delivers the fun we all wait! We will have our response September with the release of the season on FOX. This new promo she makes you want to see the Gotham Season 2 Episodes Online ?